How Soon Is NOW? A Conversation with filmmaker Claudia Rinke

The Creative Climate / Episode 10

Finally hitting the double digits, Episode 10 finds the dynamic duo of Perry Serpa and Kirsten Spruch, after a spell of yapping about Seinfeld, Sondheim and Succession, getting into it with documentary filmmaker, Claudia Rinke. Rinke recently completed work on a powerful film entitled NOW, for which she was screenwriter and creator, that explores the more human side of the Climate Movement with focus not only on its impact, but also the real people behind it all, their personal challenges and struggles with anxiety as they work to make the planet a more livable, breathable place for all of us. In addition to the palpable figures in youth movement, the film features interviews with filmmaker, Wim Wenders, musician/activist, Patti Smith and Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus, and others.
Read Claudia’s recent piece in Innovators, “What’s It Like Being A Young Activist”. 

Our Hottest On Record is a brand new artist named Emma Negrete. Recently featured in American Songwriter, Emma shares her spankin' new track, "Lost In Translation". It marks a new beginning for the artist who has released a handful of singles since 2018. Through her experience and writing the song, she also learned how changing one’s mindset can transform everything." One listen will prove she's a special artist who we'll be hearing much more from.