A Trip to COP26 with Dr. Alicia Pérez-Porro

Annoucing a new podcast with Climatetown's Rollie Williams.

The climate crisis is a marathon, and every good marathon needs people on the sidelines cheering, handing out water, and getting a little day drunk. The goal of Sweatpants: A Low-Key Climate Podcast is to be the loudest, day-drunkest, people in the climate game. Every episode, comedian and climate science & policy expert Rollie Williams (Climate Town, Columbia University) talks to climate scientists, journalists, and activists as well as comics, artists, and etceteras about climate change and more. Sometimes they'll get into hard numbers, but it's mostly a candid, human conversation between human people. Climate change is an emergency, but it's not a sprint. If you need a break from the charts and climate projections and want to hear low-key conversation about climate, Sweatpants is the podcast for you.

Rollie Williams is a comedian, writer, and climate science and policy expert with a masters degree from Columbia University. He is the creator of the award-winning comedy series Climate Town and has been featured in College Humor, Funny Or Die, Splitsider, Vulture, HuffPo. He also hosts several billiards digital series. Rollie is from Colorado and BOY will he not shut up about it.

Climate Messaging with Nicole Conlan and Brian Kahn

Sweatpants / Episode 1

n this unbelievably low-key episode, Rollie cracks open a cold one with writer/performer Nicole Conlan (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and climate journalist Brian Kahn (Earther, Columbia). They have...